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Jul. 25th, 2008



Hello People.

So I was really excited about a lot of the progress I was making, and how much more active I was being.

I haven't really made much weight progress recently, especially because I have been on vacation for the last week. And the unfortunate news that I came back to was that the results from my blood tests show that I have a very high cholesterol level. Of course I had no idea of this, because I thought I ate pretty decently. I am sure it doesn't help that that sort of thing runs in my family, but gosh it made me...blahh. I don't even know. Just discouraged.

But I guess it is a whole new reason to stick to and make my diets even better. Now that I am positive that all of the celebrating and vacations are over, it is overtime. Time to make this all count. I can do this!

So, I will give you all an update when I can. I am kind of tired, so I am going to head to bed. Good night!



Hey all.

Introduction time *grin*.

Name: Eleanor/Ella
Male/Female: Female :D
Where you're from: The county of Lancashire, in sun-er-rainy old England
Weight: 140 lbs
Height: 5'5''
Goal for using fitjournal4u: To keep me going 'til I reach my target, and hopefully show that I've acheived something.
Goal weight: Not so much a goal weight as a goal fitness level type thing. 126lbs would be nice, but I'm more interested in slimming out really. I carry weight around my belly, and I want to get rid of that, as well as tone up my legs and arms, and increase my general strength and stamina. I also want to get my left shoulder back up to strength after about six months of injury and recovery time. It's only just below apparant normal strength, but my right shoulder is well above it, so they're very uneven.
Interests: Kimura Shukokai Karate =D. I mainly want to get my strength and stamina up for this. I LOVE training. Its...almost addicting. I also love running-3-5km ish distances, cross country. I want to increase my stamina for this too, as I've been out of running for about six weeks now due to enourmous last-half-term schoolwork loads. 
I've got chondromalacia in my left knee, so I imagine that losing weight would help this somewhat.

Err...I'm probably missing out a lot, but it's the summer, so I can't be expected to think, really.

Jul. 15th, 2008


5.5 LBS! Woot <3

Well with everything that has been going on with my shoulder I have been going to the doctors quite alot here recently, and they of course weigh you. 

1st Visit -- 171.2 lbs ( uck. )
3rd Visit -- 170.0 lbs (one week later...and odly enough it really was .0 )

(ps. my starting weight was 175.5lbs)

I also now fit into one of my favorite skinny shirts. I can't tell you how good that feels. 

I haven't lost many pounds but a good deal of inches, which I guess is more inportant. Well at least makes a bigger visual difference

You should try the DIet Lemon Lipton Tea Mix, it is very yummy and only has 5 calories per serving. (Water gets boring.)

I figured out my BMI which helped me determine that my goal should be 130lbs, which puts me in the middle of what my range can be. So I have 40lbs to go. 

I cant really work out with my shoulder, but I still walk the track a few nights a week, and I am more carfull about how much I eat (not so much what I eat, to be honest. But hey one step at a time.) 

Love Always <33

Jul. 7th, 2008



So today was another way in day, and I am now at 194. =\

It is a little discouraging, but it could also be for 1 of 2 reasons.

A) I have been working a lot, so some of the gain could be muscle.
B) We have had so many gosh darn parties, and chips and dip are my weakness!

Anyways, everyday is a new day...and despite the fact I am sure there are more parties and eating out to come, I am going to try to be mega focused, and have self control!

So wish my luck, loves. Talk to you later! I am off to the gym! =)


Jul. 4th, 2008



 Well HEre Is A Silly Update<3

I work at Mcdonalds and the pants run really really really  small. 

I normally can never button them and be able to breathe.

But now I can button them without jumping up and down or lying on a flat surface. YEA!

I have a very pretty sun dress THAT I LOVE, which made me look pregnant. Not so much anymore. (Went from like 6 months along to 3 so yipee)


Thats the end of my silly lil update.

Jun. 26th, 2008



I thought I would give a little update on my progress.

So, I took the initiative and paid to renew my gym membership, even though I have no real income coming in. So far it has proved to be so worth it, and I forgot how much I loved going there. It just makes me feel so good. I am really tired today because yesterday I did so much outdoor activity. My boyfriend and I decided not to drive anywhere yesterday. (good for me, and good for the environment, yeay!!)This mean we walked and rode our bikes everywhere. I walked into town twice, and rode my bike twice. One was riding my bike to the gym, where I did all my other exercising. Oh, and we went swimming at one point, too. >_<

It was a lot of work, but it felt good--even though I am a little sore right now. And as for eating, I have been doing pretty well. I haven't had anything to regret eating, and I have been controlling it pretty well. Other than that, not much else is new. I am just dreading this weekend, I have 2 parties! Yikes! Well, hope you all are doing well. Toodles!


Jun. 24th, 2008


Bad Habits.

Okay, here is the dilemma.

Yesterday I went to my friends graduation party. Of course, there is tons of food. And this is definitely my weakness. When at a celebration I can't help but say "well, today as an exception, let's eat!"

Does anyone have a way to still enjoy and not go overboard?


(no subject)

Well I have been doing very well for my first week of trying to lose the extra pounds.

I have been trying to make small changes that I can live with then making drastic changes that I know I can't stick with.

So far the hardest thing for me has been not drinking soda. So far this week I have only had 1 bottle of Diet Pepsi Max which has no calories, so not to shabby considering I used to drink 2, 2-liters of Pepsi a day. (My wallet is happier also.)

Actually whats really helped me not drink any soda is the fact I put my "soda" money to buying myself a present. Its a little motivational.

I have to buy a scale to start my wheigh-ins. A scary thought. 

Erin <33

Jun. 23rd, 2008


Oh Darn.

Well, I gained a pound this week. But I guess that isn't too bad considering all of the celebrations and things from graduation. It will be a lot easier soon, and this week I will try to be as good as I can on the non-party days. And even a little bit better on the party days! lol. Oh well. I have a long summer to go, and I have been doing pretty well.

Well, I am going to get going. Toodles!


Jun. 16th, 2008


First Post.

Name: Heather
Age: 19
Male/Female: Female
Where your from: NC
Weight: 185-190ish
Goal for using fitjournal4u: To help my track my weight loss.
Goal weight: 140
Interests: walking, tv, music, knitting, crocheting, crafty things of that nature.
Tell us about yourself: I have a really high motivation for losing my weight for me. It's time for a transformation!

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