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confessions08 in fitjournal4u

5.5 LBS! Woot <3

Well with everything that has been going on with my shoulder I have been going to the doctors quite alot here recently, and they of course weigh you. 

1st Visit -- 171.2 lbs ( uck. )
3rd Visit -- 170.0 lbs (one week later...and odly enough it really was .0 )

(ps. my starting weight was 175.5lbs)

I also now fit into one of my favorite skinny shirts. I can't tell you how good that feels. 

I haven't lost many pounds but a good deal of inches, which I guess is more inportant. Well at least makes a bigger visual difference

You should try the DIet Lemon Lipton Tea Mix, it is very yummy and only has 5 calories per serving. (Water gets boring.)

I figured out my BMI which helped me determine that my goal should be 130lbs, which puts me in the middle of what my range can be. So I have 40lbs to go. 

I cant really work out with my shoulder, but I still walk the track a few nights a week, and I am more carfull about how much I eat (not so much what I eat, to be honest. But hey one step at a time.) 

Love Always <33