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renaleo in fitjournal4u

Hey all.

Introduction time *grin*.

Name: Eleanor/Ella
Male/Female: Female :D
Where you're from: The county of Lancashire, in sun-er-rainy old England
Weight: 140 lbs
Height: 5'5''
Goal for using fitjournal4u: To keep me going 'til I reach my target, and hopefully show that I've acheived something.
Goal weight: Not so much a goal weight as a goal fitness level type thing. 126lbs would be nice, but I'm more interested in slimming out really. I carry weight around my belly, and I want to get rid of that, as well as tone up my legs and arms, and increase my general strength and stamina. I also want to get my left shoulder back up to strength after about six months of injury and recovery time. It's only just below apparant normal strength, but my right shoulder is well above it, so they're very uneven.
Interests: Kimura Shukokai Karate =D. I mainly want to get my strength and stamina up for this. I LOVE training. Its...almost addicting. I also love running-3-5km ish distances, cross country. I want to increase my stamina for this too, as I've been out of running for about six weeks now due to enourmous last-half-term schoolwork loads. 
I've got chondromalacia in my left knee, so I imagine that losing weight would help this somewhat.

Err...I'm probably missing out a lot, but it's the summer, so I can't be expected to think, really.


Hey, good luck!
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