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sillybean27 in fitjournal4u


Hello People.

So I was really excited about a lot of the progress I was making, and how much more active I was being.

I haven't really made much weight progress recently, especially because I have been on vacation for the last week. And the unfortunate news that I came back to was that the results from my blood tests show that I have a very high cholesterol level. Of course I had no idea of this, because I thought I ate pretty decently. I am sure it doesn't help that that sort of thing runs in my family, but gosh it made me...blahh. I don't even know. Just discouraged.

But I guess it is a whole new reason to stick to and make my diets even better. Now that I am positive that all of the celebrating and vacations are over, it is overtime. Time to make this all count. I can do this!

So, I will give you all an update when I can. I am kind of tired, so I am going to head to bed. Good night!



aww Amanda don't be discourage. I am guessing it was over a week before you got them, and it could have dropped some. (Stress is a huge factor, along with diet and family genetics.) You also don't know how high it was before you started to lose weight! just don't start anything you can't keep up on. we know you can do this!

and i still havent had any soda, and have a cute new purse, lol