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Jun. 21st, 2008



Name: Erin
Age: 18
Male/Female: Female
Where your from: CT
Weight: 175.5 lbs
Goal for using fitjournal4u: To help me stay hopefull in losing weight, and to get ideas from other people and just support.
Goal weight: I don't really know my goal weight but I would really like to be a size medium instead of a x-lg. That would be a good day, to be able to go to a mall and have a selection of clothes that fit.  
Interests: Reading, writing, hanging out with my freinds, taking pictures
Tell us about yourself: I don't really know what to say <333. I am complicated at best. 

Jun. 16th, 2008


Weigh in time! (190!!)

Hey Everyone!

So, I am definitely excited. I know I am a day late, but I bring good news. This morning I weighed myself and I am now down to 190. =) That means that I lost between 5-7 pounds. I am so proud of myself! Cutting back on my eating and exercising is already paying off, and I am very excited. It is great to not be completely nearing the 200 range, because I have never hit that mark, and don't really want to. Not that I am saying anyone that is in that range is bad, but for me personally, I have never got to 200.

The thing that sucks is that I just quit my job. Therefor, I won't be able to pay for the gym, and if I decide to, it will only be one more time. So, I am going to have to work out at home, doing the old routines. I guess it is good I have a pool, I hear that is the best exercise for you! But hopefully I will find another job, and be able to go again soon.

I find that weight loss is commonly shown as basically eating nothing, or not letting yourself eat what you like. But really, I believe it is all about portioning. If you are going to have chocolate or sweets, limit yourself. Don't go crazy. But don't deny yourself either, because eventually you will go on a binge. It is about cutting back, but not completely cutting out. And drinking lots of H2O! Hehe. Well, I am definitely proud of myself, and maybe someone else will post in here soon, but if not that is okay too. =)


Jun. 14th, 2008


week 1

So it has been a week...

And tomorrow I will again weigh in to see if I had any progress. I was going to use this journal daily to keep track of what I was eating and doing, but things got a little hectic with graduation well on its way. I have all of next week off from school, so things should be easier. My summer has pretty much started.

I must say that for the first week I did pretty well with my eating. It also kind of helped that yesterday I was sick so I only lived off of saltines and a little bit of ginger ale. I tried to go walking or swimming everyday, and went to the gym once. Ugh! And looking at the calender I have to pay my gym membership again tomorrow...boy that month went fast! That's okay I guess, I get paid today so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Tomorrow I will weigh in and see my progress, and next week I will get more serious about this since I will have more time on my hands.

That's all really for today... I will be back tomorrow.
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Jun. 8th, 2008


The first day..

So today I weighed in a 195. I guess 2 pounds lighter is nice. lol.

So I went to the gym today early this morning. I have to say I was doing great until I got to Grandma's house. If you want to lose weight, do not--I repeat DO NOT--go to your grandparents house. Lol.

What I had today: Nutragrain bar, cheese rice cakes, a salad with spray italian dressing, a grilled chicken snack wrap (oops.), potatoe salad and two hot dogs, oh, and pudding. Yeah, I ate a lot today. But I swear I am blaming my grandma today. I'll be more conservative tomorrow. =) Lol. But it was a good start for eating (mostly) better things, and I drank water, milk, and V8 today. No Soda, so that's good. Soooo day 1 wasn't a complete success, but it is a start.

I went to the gym and did the tred mill for 25 minutes, and in this heat, that was sure a work out. I also went swimming which was nice. Tomorrow is a beach day, so I will be doing a lot of moving around. So tomorrow is another day to stay on track! =) Well, that's all today I think. Unless I think of something helpful to post later. Toodles!


Jun. 7th, 2008


The Beginning

Name: Amanda
Age: 17
Male/Female: Female
Where your from: CT
Weight: 197.2
Goal for using fitjournal4u: To keep a journal of what I have done to improve my body, and make me feel good about myself. Also, as moderator and creator of fitjournal4u, I want to help give others support for a healthy lifestyle, and find others who want to trade tips and tricks for staying on track.
Goal weight: at least 150.
Interests: Reading, writing, exercising, teaching, learning, cooking.
Tell us about yourself: I am a senior, soon to be graduating and going off to college. I have a wonderful boyfriend. I am looking to lose some weight so I can feel healthy and wonderful in my own skin.

Anyways, this is my first journal. Obviously no one else has joined so far, but I am hoping that some people will. I think this has the potential to be a good community for people to help each other and support each other. I have been working out for a few months now, but unfortunately I have also been eating a lot. Graduation is a time for celebration, and that means tons of food! lol. So when I weighed myself today, the first time in a loooong time mind you, and clocked in at 197.2....I was not happy. I have never been that high. Last I knew I was about 176-180. And back then, I thought that was bad for me. So, I am finally going to get on track. A few things I am doing to improve.

-Keeping this journal.
-Cutting out soda from my diet, and drinking more water throughout the day.
-No more eating out! (It's okay occasionally, but man, I eat out a lot lately. lol)
-Cut down on snacks.
-No midnight snacking.
-Salads instead of our normal (fatty) school lunches.
-Trying to set aside time to exercise for at least 10-30 minutes each day.
-Walk/and or bike more than drive.

Those are just a few things I am going to do to get started. I am going to post daily/weekly. Daily to keep track of what I have done, and weekly with a weight update. Anyone who joins is welcome to follow that pattern, or anything they want. It's up to you! =)

Toodles for now!


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