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A Fitness Journal

to help you through your daily life<3

Fitness Journal: For your healthy life.
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A place for support and living a healthy life. <3
This is a journal that is open for discussion, support, and to make friends with others who are also seeking a healthy lifestyle. Anyone is welcome to join, but you must remain positive, and remain seeking and giving help for a healthy lifestyle. You can use this to talk about yourself and how you have progressed. Anything of that nature is fine! =)

- No negativity.
- No posts promoting unhealthy forms of dieting. *HOWEVER: anyone seeking help or telling about how they had an unhealthy eating disorder or things of that nature are okay.* Anyone seeking support from this sort of disorder is welcome to join.
- Support all members!

Just join the community and I will add you, and then you should post an entry about yourself, and your goals here at fitjournal4u!! =) (Below is a survey to get you started. You can omit any questions you don't feel comfortable answering)

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Goal for using fitjournal4u:
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